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Adopted Bulldog: Hanna

Hanna came to us from the Animal Control. She was picked up as a stray.

Name: Hanna
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Location: Saint Louis, MO

Reason given up for adoption:


Health Condition:

Placement Limitations:
May be Partially Deaf, Some arthritis

Special Needs:

Contact Information:
Diana, St. Louis Bulldog Rescue, Diana@artemis-Int.com

Hanna came to us from the Animal Control. She was picked up as a stray, but the officers knew where she lived and were going to cite her owners for her condition (Toenails about 2" long and she was dirty and underweight, plus she was allowed to be loose). Hanna spent 7 days at the Animal control facility, and of course come with a slight case of kennel Cough and maybe a urinary tract infection. 

She walks really well on a lead, loves to ride in the car, is wonderful in the crate and very good getting a bath. The people at Animal Control just held her down and cut her nails, so she isn't too happy about handling her feet right now. Since her nails were so long, she is getting her balance back on walking with normal nails. She is slow and careful with stairs, but can handle them. 

She was very nice with my cat, and had a scuffle with the foster family's resident bulldog, but they have settled their differences. 

Hanna will need a family that can help her regain her weight and be sensitive to her exercise limitations. We think she may be partially deaf. 

Hanna will be a great pet once she gets over her UTI and kennel cough. She is very sweet and loving and will follow you everywhere and supervise your activities. She loves to be petted and cuddled and she is good with children over 8 years old. 

Can you give this girl a second chance? 

Adoption fee, home check, vet and reference check applies.