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Adopted Bulldog: Angel

Angel definitely had an angel watching her. She had a great start in life with an owner who loved her and cared for her. Her owner was killed and Angel started on a ...

Name: Angel
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Location: St. Louis, MO

Reason given up for adoption:
Abuse and neglect seizure


Health Condition:
should be good with care

Placement Limitations:
best as only dog

Special Needs:

Contact Information:



*****Update 9/20/2010***** 
Angel is doing great! She had all of her stitches removed and after her fur grows back there won't even be any scars! She is gaining weight and confidence daily and is turning into a little Princess Diva Bulldog Girl! She is soooo happy to be done with crate rest and hand walking...the little girl was getting very annoyed with having to be confined so much and is taking full advantage of her freedom. She did contract a UTI which is being treated with antibiotics, and is getting more exercise now that she has her sutures out. She loved getting a good bath...nothing like a day at the spa to make a girl feel all new. 

We are ready to start looking at adoption applications for her! 

Thank you so much to her legion of fans and supporters who helped to pay for her surgery! We could not have done it without your support! 

Please have an application to adopt on file before contacting us. Home check, reference check, vet check and adoption donation apply. We WILL NOT adopt Angel further than 1 hour radius of St. Louis MO! You must have a fenced yard, and no other dogs in the home and please no children under the age of 8! 

Contact Diana@Artemis-Int.com after you have completed the adoption application. 

****Update 9/2/2010*** 
ANGEL UPDATE!!! She came through some very extensive surgery with flying colors!!! She is now home and resting. It was 2 1/2 hours of surgery and there was an ovarion tumor/cyst that was about 3" across. No signs of it spreading, and Dr. Ron looked at everything...spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder all good! She had the r...ectal and tail pocket fixed and won't need a second surgery if she heals well...yeah! She also had a tooth scaling and cleaning and one of her little teeth pulled. She has a BAD case of tape worm (ewww) but that was expected with the flea load she had and we have meds for that to give her in a couple of days when she is feeling better. We are so grateful for all of the support, and thanks to donations her expenses were all covered!!! Now it is just good care and time for her to heal. 

***Angel Update 8/25/2010*** 

Angel is eating and getting stronger. She had a medicated bath yesterday and was feeling well enough to jump into my lap. Her eyes are brighter and she is much more interested in her surroundings. She played with the cat for about 10 minutes. She is feeling much better! Surgery is scheduled for Sept 2, and we could use some financial support! www.STLbulldogrescue.org. 


Angel definately had an angel watching her. She had a great start in life with an owner who loved her and cared for her. Her owner was killed and Angel started on a four year journey to where she is now. Angel was pulled from an abandoned mobile home in SE MO that had no electricity or water. She managed to survive in 100+ heat for 2 months. Her "owners" would come by a couple of times a week and toss her table scraps and beat her for messing inside. Where else could she go? she didn't have a way to get outside! 

She went straight from the pick up to Dr. Ron's. She was covered in fleas, has a bad case of flea bite dermatitis, skin rashes and is grossly underweight, her toenails are overgrown and her whole rear end from rectum to vagina is horribly swollen. Good things:She is HW negative and she is a great breather and her eyes, ears, heart and lungs are great. She has no bone or joint problems. She does have a big tail pocket, but we can't find the tail! 

She is crate trained, loves to ride in the car and is EXCELLENT on the leash. Right now she is just resting and enjoying her food, clean water and clean bed. 

We will post pictures of Angel shortly. 

Donations welcome at www.STLbulldogrescue.org 

We will only consider local (with in 1 hour of St. Louis MO) adopters for Angel when she is ready for adoption. Be sure you have a current application on file.