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In memory of Satchel Dooley. She was a beloved friend and companion to Mike for 12.5 years. The donation was made in honor of Dr. Carol Rhodes and Lyse O'Donnell Rvt and all of the staff at the Wentzville Veterinary Clinic who gave her such loving care.  

Mike Dooley

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I received an email from the person who owned Waffles that he had lost his job and home and needed to place her into rescue.

Waffles was born in a puppy mill in Arkansas and had 1 litter of puppies. Her owner had purchased her from the puppy mill in order to breed her to make some money. That didn’t work out, and Waffles needed to find a new home. Her owner could have sold her to someone else who wanted to breed her. She was young enough to breed several more litters. But he had fallen in love with her and wanted a better life for her than just breeding puppies for money. He didn’t know much about bulldogs.

When I picked up Waffles, I noticed right away that she had trouble breathing and that her eyes were a mess. Many people think Bulldogs are supposed to make a lot of noise when they breathe!

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Homer Lee

homer leeHomer Lee, funniest dog I have ever met. You will never be forgotten by those whose life you have touched. We love you Homer<3

Love Momma Rene, Daddy Rick and all of your friends

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